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Natural vs Chemical

After a long break, PhytoChem is back and needs your help! Before working on my next post, I want to hear your opinion about the topic “Natural vs Chemical”. Here (clicking on the figure below), you’ll find a poll that will be open till next sunday, please answer and share! Italian version here:

O Tannenbaum

The decoration of Christmas trees is a tradition started in Germany during the Renaissance. However, its roots go far back in time; evergreen plants had a special meaning in many cultures long before the advent of Christianity. Nowadays, decorating a tree with garlands, baubles, tinsel, candy canes, blinking lights (or candles), etc. is a worldwideContinue reading “O Tannenbaum”

Capsaicin, the painfully hot feeding deterrent…that we love adding to our food

Some days ago, an attorney general in the USA claimed that pepper spray is not a chemical irritant. No idea if he was grasping at straws in a hopeless attempt to justify the use of the spray against protesters, or if this claim was a result of his ignorance. In fact, pepper spray is highlyContinue reading “Capsaicin, the painfully hot feeding deterrent…that we love adding to our food”


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